Eco-Friendly Furnitures

Go green and Save Earth are the two global mantras that echo in almost all parts of the world. Various environmental issues such as the climate change and the like have made each and every one give due importance and do their bit towards saving our environment and making it a better place to live in with This social change has its root back to individual change and this change is bought about by the purchase and usage habits of consumer, electronic and other products. Right from the usage of eco-friendly paper bags instead of plastic bags, reduced usage of petrol/diesel, going in for long-lasting products rather than single use and throw products, everything is sure to have a positive impact on our environment. Hence it is the human idea that has to change, which will bring about industrial change.

Eco- Friendly Furnitures:

When speaking about saving environment, preservation and conservation of trees pay a vital role. That is why furnitures have a major role to play since the amount of trees fell for manufacturing them are increasing day in and day out. It is an undeniable fact that some of the wood varieties have become extinct and some have come under the protected category. But still these trees are cut-down to make some expensive and distinguished furniture. Since change towards a healthy environment starts right from home, let us look into some of the eco-friendly furniture options to adopt.
1. Buy furnitures that last long – really long:
When it comes to eco-friendly furnitures, it is that one which doesn’t pollute our air, water or surroundings. And also that which doesn’t call for frequent replacement. So when you think of buying furnitures, instead of going in for fancy lightweight and cheap furnitures, it is advisable to go in for some sturdy, durable wooden furniture that would stay for generations. This will reduce the replacement costs and also save our ecology.
2. Minimize your purchases:
It doesn’t mean that owning more is a great feeling and accounts for ones prestige. Walking away from the consumerist mentality and towards a contended and a minimalistic mentality. This promotes the multiple usage of single pieces, thereby saving space, money and the entire ecology as a whole.
3. Buy only Sustainable wooden furnitures:
Trees are the much-required element for keeping the earth green and the ecology balanced. When more number of them is felled, it poses a serious threat to mankind in the future. To avoid this and make the most out of the woods, it is highly recommended that one buy only furnitures made from sustainable woods. It is important to check for some certifications to assure that your wood comes from a sustainable source.
4. Opt for recycled products:
Wood is one material that has a great feature of recycling and it has the ability to adapt itself to new avatars and versions. When more and more people turn towards purchase of recycled products, we can actually new trees from being cut down and also make the most of the woods that have been already cut.
5. Go for Bamboo:
Bamboo is one type of wood that can be easily sustainable and it also grows fast. It gives out durable, sturdy and easy to make structures. Also this bamboo has a unique quality being a versatile raw material. It can be used for flooring, furnitures and even building bamboo houses.
6. Opt for Reclaimed wood and pieces that can be recycled:
It is a wise and a responsible move towards preserving the nature when goes in for reclaimed woods from old furnitures, buildings and other wooden structures. This is a key to maximum utilization of minimal resources.
7. Go in for furnitures with low-toxic levels:
When considering wooden furnitures, it is not just wood that goes in to the manufacturing of furnitures; there are a lot of other raw materials that actually go into the production of finished fine wooden furnitures. Some of them might be toxic in nature too. Hence it is advisable and a healthy eco-friendly option to go in for furnitures that are manufactures with low or no-toxic substances.
When a person becomes a socially responsible and eco-friendly, all his moves would definitely have a lot of thinking and back end works that goes into taking a decision. This is indeed a positive change towards preservation of our ecology and giving a more happy and healthy environment.